Jan. 7th, 2009

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Arashi Meme #2, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] maiaide

1. Favorite Band

*ahem* Arashi. *it was originally a JPOP meme*

2. Who is your ichiban in that band?
SHO-CHAN!!!! (Yep, no more Aiba, it's the hunky dory Sakurai Sho now. XD Though Aiba does rank pretty close to Sho, because you can't have a Sho without an Aiba...*cough*) And when I first got into the Arashi fandom I was all, "Why do so many people like Sho!?"...turns out I have to eat my words.

3. Who is the best singer?
Ohno, definitely, with Nino coming in at second. Did you HEAR Ohno's Song For Me? It's been stuck in my head the whole of today in school. I ended up singing it a LOT, and humming it and...ahh, I love it. I don't know if he sings live, because sometimes it sounds so good, almost too good that I don't know if it's him. (Though I ended up singing KAT-TUN's LIPS for some weird reason as I was walking down the stairs on my way out of school. Eugh?)

4. Best dancer?

Hmm. I'm not too sure. When I see Ohno dance, it seems so flawless, so effortless, its like he's not even thinking about anything pr about how to perform those moves...it almost seems half hearted sometimes. I don't pay that much attention to how they dance, but sometimes I think its Nino, sometimes its Aiba...sometimes I just think it's Ohno. I don't know, really.

5. Best smile?
Hmm, Nino? NO. SAKURAI SHO. I know Nino's smile was all so...dazzling in YTM, but when I see Sho smile, it makes me smile more than when I see Nino's smile. Sho's smile, just the smile, no teeth, just a nice smile, just makes me feel so happy and I can't help but smile back. It makes him look so...pretty.

6. Noisy? Noisy? Noisy?! Dare?!
Aiba, definitely, ahahaha. His laughter is always appreciated. <3 Even the "Noisy? Noise? Noisy?! Dare?!" question would fit him. Ahahaha, I can imagine him saying it randomly on an episode of AnS-kun.

7. Eyes?! Who's eyes is your favorite?
It depends, really...

I was captivated my Ohno's eyes in this picture:

Because they just looked so...clear. Like he's staring through the camera straight at you.

And then there was this:

Even though you can't exactly see his eyes, I...I...*flails*

(pathetic excuse just to post pictures)

I was looking through my photos of each member and I was just thinking to myself that Nino sometimes just has so tired looking eyes. I don't know if it's just him in particular...and I don't have very many photos of him looking straight into the camera.

You know what? This round is a tie between Sho and Ohno for me...I guess.      Sho wins.

8. Nicest hair?! And hairstyle?
Hmm. Shall reveal by favourite hairstyle for each member:

*cough* not any longer than this for Neener. And not Letters From Iwo Jima short either. (why do most of his hairstyles have that "emo" swept to the side fringe? They look pretty similiar to me. >.< )


9. Sexiest member?


10. Funniest (I mean it in a good way) member?

HEE HEE *snort* Do I have to say? XD!!

11. Favorite solo performance of your ichiban?

Hmm...I love Hip Pop Boogie, Can't Let You Go and Yume De Ii Kara.
Favourite? Hmmm....Hmmm...Hmm... Can't Let You Go, for now.

12. Favorite solo performance of other members?

Nino: Niji!
Ohno: Take Me Faraway/Song For Me (can't. decide.)
MatsuJun: Yabai-Yabai-Yabai
Aiba: Friendship

13. Favorite song/s by the band

Boku ga Boku no Subete
Hadashi no Mirai
Subarashi Sekai
Once Again

14. Last! Why them?!



P.S. Hana Yori Danshi IS HILARIOUS. BWAHAHAHA. MatsuJun + Hard Gay. Epic Win.


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