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"Legend spoke of a continent so beautiful yet divided by four. The Northern region is home to a tribe of wind manipulators. The Southern Region is home to a queendom of water manipulators. The Eastern Region is a kingdom of fire manipulators. The West region a village of earth manipulators.

With the land once sewn together by the different colourful threads of the four elements now in an advent of war, what role will you play in this kaleidoscope world?"

Kaleidoscope RP is a tale of four lands - Kitakaze, Himura, Nishiyama and Suinan.
Any Japanese Artiste can apply and many JE Artistes are still up for grabs!

The RP is already open for logs, but sign ups are still welcome!

All of Arashi is available (with the exception of Aiba Masaki), as well as Kanjani8 and Hey!Say!Jump.
Koyama and Ryo of NEWS are still available and so is Ueda and Jin of KAT-TUN.

For more info, please check out [info]kaleidoscopeooc

Sign up/Reserve your artiste today!

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Kamiyama *_________*
Kamiyama *_________*
Kamiyama *_________*
Kamiyama *_________*
Kamiyama *_________*
Kamiyama *_________*


squee-age under cut to prevent spoilers )
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Lack of update due to coughing fit every few minutes,
And nose that is running like a tap.
Plus I was working on a USG post (Ultra Strong Game if you wanted to know)
Slept at 3AM last night.

Okay. Later. *coughs* D:
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Men.
  1. They don't have monthly periods (BLOOD. EVERY MONTH. BEAT THAT. D:< )
  2. They get to stick it in women and feel good most of the time
  3. They don't have to spend AGES on make-up, hair and appearance
  4. They get to be biased against the fairer sex and choose. (And have you SEEN the magnitude of Male magazines available?)
  5. Male celebrities earn more money off fangirls

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  • 22:16 OMG. QUIZ SHO(W). I absolutely LOVE Sho's hair in it. (And him waking up screaming in a hospital? Nice.) #

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  • 19:15 I realised how much I still love Fall Out Boy. Thats it. I'm buying their albums with my prize money. #
  • 23:22 Wow. Tom Felton updates his twitter more often than I thought he would. #
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  • 20:23 Making Ohno header. Wording is difficult. Got fed up of my Aiba header cause i think its ugly. Ohno will replace him later. #
  • 20:38 I need nice background to match new Ohno header. Any suggestions? #
  • 20:50 I should not be wallowing in self pity today and should instead be getting things done. #
  • 21:40 AnS-kun #41. JunJun fail is always welcome. 8D #
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Her hands were pressed firmly against her ears, trying (and failing) to block out the sound, the noise. She pressed them against her ears even more firmly, head screaming for the noise to stop. The shrill cries cutting through the silence like a knife.

No, no, no. No. No!

Her eyes were screwed shut, legs tucked neath her arms, trying to curl into a ball. No, she wanted to disappear, leave everything behind and just...fade into the background. She groaned, tucking her face into her knees, nose pressed between the two knobbly joints. Rocking on the bed, she heard each creak of the spring, the rustling of the mattress, the thump of her feet against the fabric. But it wouldn't shut out the noise - it rang even louder, in fact.

Please, make it stop. I beg you!

Her eyes flicked up to her walls were posters, pictures and magazine clippings were displayed proudly. Her gaze lingered over each page, each photo, each inch covered with picture or paper or plastic. No smile came to her face, no, nothing was okay. Nothing could ever be okay...or would it? Would the next day be better? Would a rainbow shine on her? Pots of gold and leprechauns next? As likely as pigs would fly.

Why? Why won't it stop? Why can't I get rid of this misery?

Footsteps heavy on tiles echoing, then fading. The sound begins to fade, too, finally. She uncurls from her position, wiping away the single tear rolling down her cheek. She turns over and presses her face into her pillow, tired, frustrated, spent. She just wants it to end. For everything to return the way it used to be.

Can I escape? Right here and now?

She screws her eyes shut, forcing her body to sleep. To sleep and take the grief away. In hopes that the next day, tomorrow, she won't remember. She hopes to see smiles, hear laughter and frolic in fields of white lilies. If only. If only tomorrows could be that perfect, she thinks, she wouldn't mind living another day.

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"I'm sorry," he whispered, hands reaching out for the dark figure standing back facing him. "I'm really sorry."

The figure turned slowly, eyes red and puffy, tears streaming down pale cheeks; face stained by crystal droplets. He stepped away from the outstretched hand warily, shaking his head. The hand reached out once more, soft footsteps upon the tiles.

"Please, what do I have to do for you to forgive me?"

Messy brown hair was pushed back, revealing piercing brown eyes. Stepping forward, warm hands cupped his face, eyes staring straight into his, sending a shiver down his spine. Beautiful face distorted and dirtied with tears, body wracked with small shudders as the man sobbed.


Another shake of the head. Another crystal tear. Lips gently pressed against lips, warmth and gentle vibrations. A pair of parted lips, urging acceptance, forgiveness, and the touch of another. None came. Cold wind upon hot, burning skin. Footsteps echoing in the hallway. Falling to the floor, he cups his head in his hands, knowing that the other is gone - lost forever. He curses himself for his stupidity.

The apartment is quiet, save for the echoing of sniffing, wails and the sound of the smack of a palm against a forehead and fists hammering against the wall.
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"Isn't it strange how you can miss someone you've never met?" - Jade, to me.

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  • 22:00 Lydia-sempai was right. Neener IS super cute when he performs "Himitsu"!!! #

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  • 23:24 I should be sleeping, but I am typing fic. Wow, for the first time in a long time, I am typing fic. #

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  • 20:06 AHHH! I AM FALLING IN LOVE WITH AIBA'S VOICE. (Why do I like it's huskiness so much? *smacks self*) OMG AAA. *flails* #
  • 20:35 AIBA MASAKI IS AWESOME. I now think he is underrated. AIBAAAAA! (And you all SHOULD watch AAA!!!!) #
  • 20:47 I need to stop flailing every few seconds over the AAA DVD. (but it's sooo awesome. D:) Okay. Need to do homework after this! #
  • 22:25 Is it possible to have fic overload? I think I have. xD *goes to sleep with happy dreams* #
  • 22:28 HA HA AND HAPPY APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE! I'm not giving up on Arashi THAT EASILY! #
  • 22:29 I mean honestly, I can't just give up the awesome-ness that is dancing on rainbows and SHINY, can I? (ARASHI FOR DREEEAM!) #
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I regret to inform you, my dear friendslist, that I will be quitting Arashi fandom.

Too much has happened...


Love all of you, though, and I'll never forget the times I had with those five guys.

It's been an awesome 9 months.

So long, and goodnight.

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  • 21:36 DARN. Shinjuku Incident got a NC-16 rating. I wanna watch it!!! #
  • 22:36 Mago Mago Arashi #118. The BGM! Melee's Built to Last! (JunJun's so cute in this ep. Of course Ohno is too, that is understanded.) <3 <3 <3 #
  • 22:48 AWWWW, MAGO MAGO #118. JunJun and Leader...8D Awwwwwwww. *melts* #
  • 22:49 Oh and I realised I can actually understand some bits of it (MMA), I just wasn't quite listening hard enough. >.< #
  • 22:58 Goodnight. Shit, haven't done Chinese homework. *shifty eyes* #
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  • 00:15 Sho's RIGHT SWAN and LEFT SWAN is so damn cute. *flails* #
  • 00:28 MY LIFE IS MY MESSAGE, YEAH YEAH. I should be sleeping but I was watching Sho's solo Touch Me Now. WHEE. And Hip Pop Boogie. #
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  • 23:53 Class debate tomorrow. Wish me luck! #

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  • 15:14 Off to school debaters to support. GO TKGS! #
  • 21:38 THERE IS NOT ENOUGH YAOI FIC IN THE WORLD. (well, not enough of the kind I'm looking for. HEE HEE *cheesy grin*) #
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  • 23:22 I decided against posting angsty post. It doesn't matter. #
  • 23:27 Oh noes. Now I'm getting pissed off again. *sighs* Why can't people realise that GOOGLE is their FRIEND!? #


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