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and i'm bernie, nicetameetya.


I'm Bernie and I'm a fangirl. WORD. So I'm sure that explains just about everything. Doesn't it? Yes? No?

Basically, my journal is where I fangirl and post about stuff that happens in real life. My main fandom now is Arashi, and yes, I devote most of my time to them because why wouldn't you want to devote your time to dancing, hot guys and shiny rainbows?

Psst, I go gaga over Sakurai Sho. Don't know who he is, GOOGLE HIM.
I read and write fanfictions, though the best fanfictions usually play in my head, but never get written. My imagination's a tad too overactive and tends to *ahem* stray...

I'm still your average 16 year old. I have school, and yes, when I get stressed out, bored, or hyper, I can spam friends lists like, 5 times a day. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Oh, just a word of advice,
1. I will not add you back unless you comment.
2. I will not add blank journals unless I've actually spoken to you.
3. I can be rude and vulgar. Don't like that, too bad.

That said, I rest my peace. I'm shutting up now.

Hajimemashite, watashi Bernie desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Did I mention how much I LOVE Sakurai Sho and Arashi? No?
Shall I show you why and convince you? Yes, I shall, and you will be hypnotized and brainwashed into joining the fandom of ghey shiny rainbows. Mwah!

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