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Pimp post the second.

RP has already begun!

Post comes because various-muns and characters are looking for people to join.
Let's see. Aiba-mun and Aiba ([info]euphoria_zone ) are both looking for a SAKURAI SHO. And other than that, Nino ([info]kingneener ) has decided he wants to feed Ohno with lots of Ramen at his store, and thus is looking for OHNO SATOSHI.
There is a Kamenashi Kazuya but an Akanishi Jin is missing, which seems kind, don't you think?
Even NEWS isn't complete, lacking Nishikido Ryo and Koyama.

C'mon, why don't you fill in those missing blanks! Take a shot, it'll be fun!

You have areas to chose from, Himura, Suinan, Kitakaze and Nishiyama, with each territory having its own element.
Characters can have POWERS, people! (Doesn't that sound awesome to you?)

If the JE guys aren't your cup of tea, you can join as a solo artiste, say maybe Ueno Juri or Takeshi Kaneshiro? Take your pick, the choices are endless though it is first come first serve.

So "claim" your artiste today!

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"Legend spoke of a continent so beautiful yet divided by four. The Northern region is home to a tribe of wind manipulators. The Southern Region is home to a queendom of water manipulators. The Eastern Region is a kingdom of fire manipulators. The West region a village of earth manipulators.

With the land once sewn together by the different colourful threads of the four elements now in an advent of war, what role will you play in this kaleidoscope world?"

Kaleidoscope RP is a tale of four lands - Kitakaze, Himura, Nishiyama and Suinan.
Any Japanese Artiste can apply and many JE Artistes are still up for grabs!

The RP is already open for logs, but sign ups are still welcome!

All of Arashi is available (with the exception of Aiba Masaki), as well as Kanjani8 and Hey!Say!Jump.
Koyama and Ryo of NEWS are still available and so is Ueda and Jin of KAT-TUN.

For more info, please check out [info]kaleidoscopeooc

Sign up/Reserve your artiste today!


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