Dec. 9th, 2008 06:29 pm
euphoric_zone: Kamiyama + nante pose ([Ohno Satoshi] Sight)
MAOU be an awesome awesome drama. (The Japanese Version).

And Ohno Satoshi is an awesome Naruse. WHOOO. AWESOME. And I've only just watched to the end of episode three. And the young Ikuta Toma has Jun hair, rofl.

(Oh and that Ohmiya thing on AnS 113, wasn't a butt pat. Shall think of it as a butt "push". =/  *thinks: BUTT PAT, BUTT PAT! BUTT PAT!*

AnS 113 was DAMN HILARIOUS lah. HULA DANCE!~ And Sho being the most fail during Shiodome Aibaland. AND WTF, LOL @ JUN SAYING HE'S COMEDY LEADER, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And Sho's "Cho America!" WHEE HEE HEE HEE. Wonder if anyone's gonna actually share HQ video download links - I've got the "standard" now, though I usually like/prefer HQ. There's something about being able to see the pimples of idols that makes me love HQ so much; it reminds me that idols are humans too, and that we all love photoshop. HanaDan in HQ = MATSUJUN'S PIMPLES, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He also had the Mago Mago Rowing Club thing going on at that time too, ne?

Just to add on, I usually see Nino without much blemishes and almost perfect smooth skin in most videos, even in some HQ ones. AND THEN, I SAW MAOU EPISODE 1. FU FU FU FU FU. PIMPLES. XD. I think I must be very very very weird to point things like this out.

Offs fer tuition naohs. I need go for make up classes. Differenciation of Logarithm Trigonometry anyone? (Math confuses me, thus the tuition - heey, differenciation's not THAT bad...yet. Trigo, Product, Quotient, Inside outside thing all I can get down pat. Rate of change confuses but ain't all that bad.)

EDIT: Turns out at Bras Basah, there's a female "Foo Fei" there. ROFL.


And thus, the Oh-chan "Maou Glare" was born.



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