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Aiba's Saiaku no Deto (The Worst Date)

Length: 14 min 21 sec
Type: .mpg
Size: 143.2 MB
Subtitles: Chinese
Download Link: MU

Link/Original File taken from
(I tried to upload it to MF but I couldn't, the file always uploaded partially and then restarted TRYING AGAIN)
(I'd translate it but my Chinese and Japanese aren't too yeah.)



For The Love Of ScreenCaps )


6 caps because I just felt like it. (and Aiba was so cute in this!)

#2 - Don't ask.
#5 - "There is someone I like!"
#6 - "Aiko only wanted to tell you her feelings!"

Summary: (based on my understanding)

Yuiichiro (Aiba) plans to confess to Aiko, a terminally ill girl. It turns out that she does not like him back but instead likes a 21 year old doctor. When Yuiichiro finds out that Aiko does not have long to live, he vows to help Aiko confess her love to the doctor. Thus, they gatecrash at his birthday celebration. However, obstacles stand in Aiko's way; namely two rich sisters who both have their eyes on the young doctor. Yuiichiro goes out of his way to try and twart their plans and help Aiko. Chaos ensues. Will Aiko actually get to confess her love? What will happen to Yuiichiro's unrequited feelings?



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Do credit/comment if taking/using any GIFs and remember, all comments are LOVED!

(And if someone actually finds a RAW out there, please tell me too.)

Since this is Aiba month, it only seemed fit to post Aiba's Saiaku no Deto first. There's still Ohno's and Jun's episodes (Jun's episode has a hardsubbed version!).

If MF is nice to me, I might be able to have the links tomorrow or day after. (And after which, I'll get on to work on Ohno's Saiaku no Deto)




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