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News ZERO:

Started watching when they showed the Mystery bit about pyramids. It was quite interesting~ (mostly cause the guide talked in English so I could get what he was trying to explain) Sho is as pretty as ever on News ZERO anyway. (Missed his bit/section/corner/whatsitsname though.)


Jun's Pepsi CM!~
Nino's ____ CM. (HE WAS SO CUTE...eating something...that I don't know what it is)
MASUDA!? In some instant ramen CM
WaT Wii CM

Arashi no Shukudai-kun:

So tonight's AnS was sorta a preview of the Odoroki 5 SP on 28th Dec 2008 at 6:15pm (Japan Time).

The five presented their experiments for the SP.

Ohno: Running/Walking in the rain, who will get more wet {Jun/Ohno}
Nino: Something about vegetables...I heard daikon and stuff about melons (and the insides of some veggies/fruits?) {Ohmiya}
Aiba: The boats again!~ (And there was a mirror man thing)
Sho: Newspaper hot air balloon? (Revenge) {Jun/Sho...I think}
MatsuJun: Something about music and cars? Ionno.
There was also some experiment...that had to do with something about Yatterman...making that big skull shaped thing? I know they tried fireworks...and some other stuff...
The dominos! (big to small, small to big)
More leaving under certain conditions?

And then...A no Arashi review!~ They showed old clips of A no Arashi from D no Arashi/G no Arashi!~ YAAAY!~

- Hot Pachinko ball dropped on ice
- The throw pie on fencing mask (ROFL at Aiba's face!~)
- THE BINOCULARS! *sniggers at Jun trying to grab apple*  (Binoculars wearing relay!~ LOL at the EPIC failness of it)
- Running with bowling ball? (Aiba/Nino) Will the long jump distance increase with bowling ball attached.


Can't wait for Mirror Man!~ (Going to catch up on Odoroki...need to download the previous ones.)


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I double clicked my KeyHoleTV and got Sho talking in News ZERO.

It was mostly sports stuff after that, about soccer and some new world record for some skii thing.

BUT, the good this was, even though I understood really little of News ZERO and about less than half of AnS, I managed to watch some cute CMs!!!
  • Sho's au box CM (x3 times!!)
  • Oguri Shun's au (phone?) CM
  • KAT-TUN's White Christmas Single Release
  • That lady who played Sakuraba Yuiichiro's wife in Mukodono 2oo1's CM
  • The lead lady from Kimi wa Petto
  • The guy in Galileo
  • The comedians who kidnapped Tsukushi (HnArashi-chan ep 12) the laughing guys with wine glasses
(and some other celebs who looked damn familiar but I can't point out where I saw them)

AND THEY ANNOUNCED A FITFH ODOROKI NO ARASHI SP ON 28.12.2008 @ 6:15PM!!!!!! YAY!!!! *jumps*


Tonight's guest was DAIGO! (He's been in Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen and Stand Up!!) He's 30, I think. His homework was different kinds of fondue... and they brought out cheese, some sauce fondue and chocolate, white chocolate and caramel fondue! Lots of cho umai, mecha umai (and a few cho amai!)

Jun's hair looked weirder today, I prefer it more messy...(as in Marquia Scans)

I didn't understand the image homework, something about women? Totally copped out on that bit, and went to work on the Arashi moodtheme I was in the midst of making.

Shiodome Aibaland presented something new! It's sorta like the Artist Improvisation Game, but this time, based on the situation, the person whose name gets drawn out of the box will have to make the 'sound'.

Aiba called Ohno "Oh-chan!". He was supposed to do a "..." reaction to something about UFOs. He stood there for like, 10 seconds and looked a bit lost because no one realised his reaction was over. XD!

Sho's "Hey!" was SUPER KAKOII! He did this spin around thing then pointed and then went "Hey!"

XD! Today's AnS was fun! I'm so gonna download it (both RAW and Subbed)!

Which reminds me, I should be getting a full list of all the Japanese shows with JE Artistes and all on them. All I know is that AnS is on Mondays at 12:30+ Japan time.


A schedule posted in March ... (so I'm not sure if it's accurate or not...)

JE Artistes Tv Shows Schedule! )

Well, I'm off to bed now. See ya!

Ja ne!~



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