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I checked through the site's celebrity database and out of a lot of the names I checked I found these:
(The links lead to their celebrity pages...and also has the gallery of "best matches/lookalikes")

- Sakurai Sho (no interesting lookalikes)
- Matsumoto Jun (Lol WTF Yamapi,Sho,Kame,Jiro Wang,Akanishi Jin and RAIN look like Jun!?)
- Yamashita Tomohisa (Lol Akanishi Jin looks like Yamapi!?)
- Oguri Shun (LOL Aiba, that DBSK guy and Taguchi Junnosuke look like Shun!?)
- Kimura Takuya (Lol Wu Zun,Jin,Yamapi and Jiro Wang look like KimuTaky!?)
- Hideaki Takizawa (Kame, Wu Zun, Shige, Aiba, Jin, Yamada Ryosuke, Nishikido Ryo, Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun!?)
- Watanabe Ken
- Nishikido Ryo (Yamapi!?)

What's missing:

- Ninomiya Kazunari (you would think they'd have his picture cause he was in Letters From Iwo Jima)
- Ohno Satoshi
- Aiba Masaki
- Tegoshi Yuya
- Ikuta Toma
- Akanishi Jin
- Kamenashi Kazuya
- Aibu Saki
(Not very many Johnny's, eh?)

I tried quite a few of Aiba's photos (different ages etc.) to see if anyone interesting would pop up in the results. He looked like Bae Yong Jun once (57%), and then the second photo he looked like a lot of female stars...

3rd Photo: Otsuka Ai 83%, Matsushima Nanako 78%, Utada Hikaru 75% (Wtf ZOE TAY!?)
4th Photo: Otsuka Ai 73%, Matsushima Nanako 73%
5th Photo: Ayumi Hamazaki 83%, BoA 86%, Nakashima Mika 74%
6th Photo: Koda Kumi 66%, Andy Lau 68%, J.K. Rowling 63%, Matsuura Aya 78%, Brenda Song 63%, Princess Sayako 63%  (Fann Wong 62%!?)
7th Photo: Jared Leto 73%, Oguri Shun 72%, Zhang Ziyi 78%, Fann Wong 74%, Takako Matsu 74%
8th Photo: Takizawa Hideaki 83%, Matsushima Nanako 60%, Ben Stiller 67%, Lucy Liu 76%

I did the same thing for Nino too!~ (to be fair, same number of tries)

1st Photo: Matsumoto Jun 70%, Takizawa Hideaki 71%, Holly Marie Combs 74%, Kyoko Fukada 78%
2nd Photo: Sakurai Sho 58%, BoA 74%
3rd Photo: Matsumoto Jun 78%, Takuya Kimura 74%, Otsuka Ai 75%
4th Photo: Takizawa Hideaki 70%, BoA 60%
5th Photo: Masahiro Nakai 80%, Scarlett Johansson 80%, Tom Cruise 78%
6th Photo: Takizawa Hideaki 63%, Takuya Kimura 64%, Rod Stewart 67%
7th Photo: Lindsay Lohan 80%, Jay Chou 75%,
8th Photo: Sakurai Sho 66%, Rupert Grint 67%

8th Photo was from the TEDDY BOY shoot. *cough*

And since I didn't have much time, I just tried three Ohno photos.

1st Photo: Lucy Liu 67%
2nd Photo: Paris Hilton 71%, Ashley Tisdale 68%, Matsushima Nanako 73%
3rd Photo: Halle Berry 73%

Ohno's results/matches are soft of...boring. It's not as amuzing as Nino's which made me laugh so hard. I'm like, okay, give me an interesting match already!

Shall I try Tegoshi? I shall!

1st Photo: Nishikido Ryo 68%
2nd Photo: Matsumoto Jun 86% (WTF!?), Takizawa Hideaki 72%
3rd Photo: Oguri Shun 67%, Sakurai Sho 64%, Kiera Knightly 74%
4th Photo: Oguri Shun 73%, Takuya Kimura 73%, BoA 86%

*cough* If you try this out, TELL ME cause I'd want to see your results too!!~


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