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music meme
1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] viridian_virtue gave me the letter L.

1. "Lai-Lai-Lai" by Arashi
I really love this song because hey, it's catchy and it's dancy and makes me feel happy when I listen to it in the morning on the way to school. It cheers me up and gets stuck in my head for no reason. The 'mawaru mawaru' part is ALWAYS in my brain. D8

"Let's Dance All Night
Takusan no namida ni wake ga aru
Mawaru mawaru kono hoshi no naka
Sasayaka na yume nosete
Kanashimi wo nomikonde
Koko ga ore-tachi no
Shinjiru basho dakara Yeah"

Yeah, that bit.

2. "Lonely In Gorgeous" by Tommy February 6
The opening theme song to Paradise Kiss! I knew once I heard it at LSE's house when she was playing StepMania that I would like it. And I LOVE it. Yes, it's catchy and an awesome song. Whoo~ very befitting of Paradise Kiss.

"Lonely in Gorgeous" Yeah...
Party night...I'm Breaking my heart
Ima sugu mitsukete dakishimete hoshii
HEDDORAITO (headlight) ga
hikaru...where are you Bad boy?
Ai no SUKAAFU de namida wo fuite
Nani mo mienai

3. "Link" by L'Arc~en~Ciel
A good song. The tune just sticks with you. Laraku is weird because I can't help liking some of their songs but not ALL of them. Link is a sort of happy-ish, catchy kind of tune. It wasn't something I would associate with the image of Laraku (then again when I think of Laraku all I think of is HYDE, and I tend to associate stuff by like, image). Because I honest thought Laraku was rock-ish. They aren't. They're the slightly more subdued form of J-pop I listen to. It's like Arashi to me without the rainbows, without the ghey, without the Kittou Daijoubu and with one hell of a hot guy in the form of HYDE.

4. "Lovejuice" by Akanishi Jin
This song made me go @_@ the first time I listened to it. I can remember all, okay most, of the lyrics because after all, it's sung in ENGLISH. Yeah, English which isn't as fail as Aiba's English. But anyway, it's NOT a good public blasting song, nor a good public singing song. And what "lips" are you singing about, Jin?

"Her sexy inviting eyes
My hands on her hips as we grind
She whispered in an accent unknown

I can tell you want me too
And every time I think of you
That luscious drink your lips produce
I can taste that sweet love juice"

5.  "La Familia" by Matsumoto Jun
Everything began in Hawaii, Arashi Arashi, for dream~ I think this is one of the solos where Jun actually sounds good. His solos have basically been pathetic excuses to do sexy dances (*cough* W/ME and Naked *cough*) or just some dance (*cough* Yabai-Yabai-Yabai *cough*) so this one made me pleasantly surprised when I first heard it. He's not nasally sounding, and there are even lines in ENGLISH thrown in. It reminds me of Ohno's Rain. 8D It's basically a song about the awesome fivesome that is Arashi (no, that does not sound wrong, pervert). And yes, it all began in Hawaii, with Jun stating he wanted to be Comedy Leader, but that has so totally failed, my dear Do-S.

Yes, it's a nice song, and I like it. It makes me feel happy when I listen to it. 8D Though I still don't know what 'soba ni iru' means.

Other considerations that never made it to the list:
- Love So Sweet by Arashi
- Lucky Man by Arashi
- LUCY by Anna Tsuchiya
- Letterbomb by Green Day
- Like Toy Soldiers by Eminem

I might upload. Maybe.


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