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I've finally been able to watch the 06.05.2006 Tensai! Shimura Doubustuen SP. Yes, it's the one with Aiba in Singapore. 

The file I got was quite LQ, so the caps that I've taken are not of good quality...

Screencaps, Comments and GIFs!


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On another note:

G no Arashi Episode 12 IS SO FUCKING AWESOME AND HILARIOUS. WATCH IT. AIR GUITAR! (Ohno made me scream and laugh in glee). It was sorta embarassing to watch the episode too...cause...*turns face away* THEY ARE TOO...TOO...KAKOII!!!!

MatsuJun on sexy air guitar! They were supposedly Japan's first air band; Ohno as lead vocals, Aiba on air keyboard, Sho on air drums and Jun and Nino on air guitar. THE COSTUMES WERE DAMN HILARIOUS.

D no Arashi Episode 99 was damn funny. Aiba went for a GAY BAR JOB INTERVIEW. He had makeup put on him, and he did the Italian Canon and the manager was like, "The drag queen part of my heart just beat faster" or something like that. HILARIOUS SHIZ!

D no Arashi Episode 101 is also damn hilarious. They had this experiment if you could find a single ringing alarm clock among 50 other non-ringing alarm clocks. Get this - the guest for that night was GHEY. Yes, real gay. And, the Arashi member that is his type is MatsuJun, so they evilly wanted to hide the alarm clock in his PANTS.

Nino grabbed this HUGE one and tried to stuff it in, but duh, woouldn't work, so they stuffed a smaller on in MatsuJun's pants...and then, Nino CASUALLY UNZIPPED MatsuJun's pants! OMFG. I nearly fell down laughing my ass off.

ARASHI = Pure GHEY-ness & Love.

<3 you all.



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