Dec. 31st, 2008

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Prompts from [ profile] umitsubame  : Sweet, bucket, scale
Genre: Angst (though some fluff wormed its way in)
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Sho/Nino friendship
Rating: NC-16/NC-17 (for language and sensitive issues)
Summary: What do you turn to when you face unrequited love? Some people drink, some people cut themselves…but not Sakurai Sho. It’s difficult when you love another, and it’s even more difficult to have to suffer in silence. Until that one day, when the whole world comes crashing down on them, on a day where their lives become topsy-turvy and everything changes, will there be room for second chances? Will there even be a time for redemption?
For [ profile] umitsubame  because she has an awesome way of implanting ideas (in this case Sakuraiba angst) into your mind. And they stay there.
Warning: This fan fiction touches on the topics of bulimia, unrequited love and homosexuality.
Italic paragraphs are flashbacks.

Here at [ profile] makiokosu 

I really want your opinions and comments on this...and should I post to [ profile] arashirabu  ?

euphoric_zone: Kamiyama + nante pose (Aiba  - WTF!?)

I checked through the site's celebrity database and out of a lot of the names I checked I found these:
(The links lead to their celebrity pages...and also has the gallery of "best matches/lookalikes")

- Sakurai Sho (no interesting lookalikes)
- Matsumoto Jun (Lol WTF Yamapi,Sho,Kame,Jiro Wang,Akanishi Jin and RAIN look like Jun!?)
- Yamashita Tomohisa (Lol Akanishi Jin looks like Yamapi!?)
- Oguri Shun (LOL Aiba, that DBSK guy and Taguchi Junnosuke look like Shun!?)
- Kimura Takuya (Lol Wu Zun,Jin,Yamapi and Jiro Wang look like KimuTaky!?)
- Hideaki Takizawa (Kame, Wu Zun, Shige, Aiba, Jin, Yamada Ryosuke, Nishikido Ryo, Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun!?)
- Watanabe Ken
- Nishikido Ryo (Yamapi!?)

What's missing:

- Ninomiya Kazunari (you would think they'd have his picture cause he was in Letters From Iwo Jima)
- Ohno Satoshi
- Aiba Masaki
- Tegoshi Yuya
- Ikuta Toma
- Akanishi Jin
- Kamenashi Kazuya
- Aibu Saki
(Not very many Johnny's, eh?)

I tried quite a few of Aiba's photos (different ages etc.) to see if anyone interesting would pop up in the results. He looked like Bae Yong Jun once (57%), and then the second photo he looked like a lot of female stars...

3rd Photo: Otsuka Ai 83%, Matsushima Nanako 78%, Utada Hikaru 75% (Wtf ZOE TAY!?)
4th Photo: Otsuka Ai 73%, Matsushima Nanako 73%
5th Photo: Ayumi Hamazaki 83%, BoA 86%, Nakashima Mika 74%
6th Photo: Koda Kumi 66%, Andy Lau 68%, J.K. Rowling 63%, Matsuura Aya 78%, Brenda Song 63%, Princess Sayako 63%  (Fann Wong 62%!?)
7th Photo: Jared Leto 73%, Oguri Shun 72%, Zhang Ziyi 78%, Fann Wong 74%, Takako Matsu 74%
8th Photo: Takizawa Hideaki 83%, Matsushima Nanako 60%, Ben Stiller 67%, Lucy Liu 76%

I did the same thing for Nino too!~ (to be fair, same number of tries)

1st Photo: Matsumoto Jun 70%, Takizawa Hideaki 71%, Holly Marie Combs 74%, Kyoko Fukada 78%
2nd Photo: Sakurai Sho 58%, BoA 74%
3rd Photo: Matsumoto Jun 78%, Takuya Kimura 74%, Otsuka Ai 75%
4th Photo: Takizawa Hideaki 70%, BoA 60%
5th Photo: Masahiro Nakai 80%, Scarlett Johansson 80%, Tom Cruise 78%
6th Photo: Takizawa Hideaki 63%, Takuya Kimura 64%, Rod Stewart 67%
7th Photo: Lindsay Lohan 80%, Jay Chou 75%,
8th Photo: Sakurai Sho 66%, Rupert Grint 67%

8th Photo was from the TEDDY BOY shoot. *cough*

And since I didn't have much time, I just tried three Ohno photos.

1st Photo: Lucy Liu 67%
2nd Photo: Paris Hilton 71%, Ashley Tisdale 68%, Matsushima Nanako 73%
3rd Photo: Halle Berry 73%

Ohno's results/matches are soft of...boring. It's not as amuzing as Nino's which made me laugh so hard. I'm like, okay, give me an interesting match already!

Shall I try Tegoshi? I shall!

1st Photo: Nishikido Ryo 68%
2nd Photo: Matsumoto Jun 86% (WTF!?), Takizawa Hideaki 72%
3rd Photo: Oguri Shun 67%, Sakurai Sho 64%, Kiera Knightly 74%
4th Photo: Oguri Shun 73%, Takuya Kimura 73%, BoA 86%

*cough* If you try this out, TELL ME cause I'd want to see your results too!!~


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